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lørdag, oktober 29, 2011

Scace Readings part II

2 kommentarer:

Bardino sagde ...

Just to explain. I measure a 25 sec shot.

1 equals 5 second
2 equals 10 second
And so on untill 25 seconds

David S. sagde ...

Boiler pressure?

I'm on a custom 1.5 mm (hot) and 1.6 mm (cold) and boiler pressure around 0.9-1.1 (on-off).

Very nice flat curve around 90-91C. (I think 93.5C is way too hot for fresh coffee)

Ran a while with 0.75-0.95 a while, but it was a bit on the cold side to my taste. Here the temperature was 86-87C - close to James Hofmanns "magic temperature" of 85C :-)

Still the coffee needs to be very fresh to work well at 85-88C.