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tirsdag, juni 22, 2010

Scace reading on my Appia

I have recently installed a restrictor in my appia and adjusted the boiler pressure to apr. 1 bar.

After that I set on to work on temperature profiles for my Appia - I borrowed a Scace device and here are my initial readings - I still have a lot to work with I see. The way I work is that I change the time between shots : flush time : rebound time. The best profile yet was after a long time of pre heating I made a shot after that a 3 minute reheating : 2 seconds flush : 15 seconds rebound - you will see it as the yellow shot :

After changing boiler pressure I discovered that the temperature still was'nt low enough. So I had to experiment with the intershot timing. Remembering Michael de Renouard saying that in a professional environment the intershot time was 30 seconds I tried to incorporate this in my testing. First impression of this test is that it is much more simple to reach the desired level of temperature. The only problem is consistency during the shot.

I am stille using the flush'n' rebound method rebound set to 20 seconds and experimenting with flush time. It seems that 2 seconds flush and 20 seconds rebound gives apr. 94 degr. celsius which I find acceptable but fluctuation during shot is still a bit too unstable to my likings. I will make more graphs later.

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