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lørdag, juli 24, 2010

Holiday - A perfect time to experiment with your equipment

The resent scace-measurements shows that The Appia is extremely temperature stable but also that it is heavily affected by your flush routine. So now it is time to find out what my routine is during making coffee. Normally I only make a set of cappucino's and then nothing else. But when guests show up I sometimes do more shots in a row. Normally though I only do one double shot at a time - but I let the machine stay turned on for a long time. These thoughts must lead to two experiments:

1. Doing multiple shots in a row for more servings: Measure the real time between shots - and measure what temperature the Appia will perform.

2. After a long of heating: Measure the amount of water needed to be flushed before the normal routine of making espressoes.

Eventually these experiments should make it possible to find out what routine I should use in a WBC 15 minutes competition style (Don't worry I am not going to the WBC - but EspressoBars HomeBarista Championship also uses 15 minutes competition time)

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